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Good Django Celery Overview

October 14th, 2009 No comments

Happy stream of thoughts has a good overview over how RabbitMQ, Celery and Django work together to make distributed task processing easy and convenient in Django. The example described is for video processing.

RabbitMQ, Celery and Django

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Cool politics tool (for Americans)

October 11th, 2009 No comments

While I think avoidance is the best way to deal with US politics, what with all their internal spying and lack of constitutional backbone, here is a glimmer of light for those of you still hoping for improvement. The Truth-o-meter, a tool showing how well political promises are being kept. Wish we had a site like that in Sweden too (and then some tool to make the foolish masses actually care).

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Slashdot Slashdotted? Google Expunges Pirate Bay From Search Results story broken

October 3rd, 2009 No comments

Something weird happened to me this morning. I saw this article in my RSS feed:

Slashdot Story | Google Expunges Pirate Bay From Search Results

Barence writes “According to PC Pro, Google has removed all search result links to The Pirate Bay, the notorious file-sharing site. The move is a reaction to a takedown notice issued under the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), although it’s unclear who filed the complaint. The ban isn’t particularly effective: The top result is now The Pirate Bay’s Wikipedia entry, which provides a prominent link to the site’s homepage. It’s also possible to search The Pirate Bay itself using Google’s site search.”

But when I tried to go read it I got the following error message:

The item you’re trying to view either does not exist, or is not viewable to you.

Weird. There’s not even a Google cache for it. I hope the article comes back alive later.

Update 1: Some people over at Slashdot noticed too and provided a link to an updated version of the real story on Cnet. Looks like Google reacted incorrectly to a DMCA takedown request, and Google has since added The Pirate Bay back in to their index.

The prompt reindexing may have been helped by a letter sent by Peter Sunde:

Peter Sunde-Kolmisoppi told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagblated that The Pirate Bay’s attorney sent a letter to both Google and the companies that are suspected of being behind the allegations and demanded that the Pirate Bay be returned to Google’s index. The Pirate Bay accused Google of censoring a competitor and of stifling free expression, the paper reported.

The whole thing is a little curious when you think about it since Google lists plenty of torrent files without actually hosting any content, just like The Pirate Bay. It would have been a funny case of the pot calling the kettle black hadn’t it just been a mistake.

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